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Sell Elantra hd 2011 Donetsk

234 039 UAH

Donetsk, Киевский

30 September
Продам авто Хюндай Соната Мариуполь 6

245 741 UAH


13 September
Aprilia SR50 Славянск 7
Мопеды / скутеры

11 702 UAH Negotiable


13 August
Продам канистры под бензин. Ёмкость 20 литров. Donetsk
Прочие запчасти

54 UAH

Donetsk, Пролетарский

26 July
Car refrigerator Мариуполь
Аксессуары для авто



21 March
Car Краматорск 6

23 543.13 UAH


23 February
Brawl coach Макеевка
Other transport

112.78 UAH


22 February
HBO Euro 2 Donetsk
Дорожная техника

2 255.58 UAH

Donetsk, Пролетарский

20 February
Sell Lanos Селидово

140 000 UAH


13 February
Selling Макеевка 7

2 631 291 UAH Negotiable


12 February
Selling sprayers Мариуполь
Прочие запчасти



18 January
Sell wheels Donetsk 3
Шины / диски

764 UAH Negotiable

Donetsk, Будённовский

18 January
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In the modern world, a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. Not everyone has the means to buy an expensive car, or the car is needed for some work purpose, where it is a pity to buy a new one. An excellent service on the my jooj platform is the sale and purchase of vehicles. The section "Transport" contains ads from all over Ukraine, such as: 

  • auto and moto services, repair (engine repair, replacement of brake pads, etc.);
  • spare parts and accessories for the car (they sell both new or used accessories, and cars, after serious damage, for disassembly);
  • search for special equipment, for rent or purchase;
  • purchase and sale of cars.


In order to find a suitable ad, just select the desired category, adjust the search parameters, specifying the city, price range and other preferences.


Cars - a profitable purchase

The seller's goal is to sell the car more profitably, the buyer is to buy a car profitably at a price that corresponds to the stated parameters (broken, painted, mileage and condition in general), taking into account all future expenses for possible repairs and technical inspection.


Considering the ads, you need to know that sellers are conventionally divided into two categories: resellers and the owners themselves.


  • Dealers - their task is money; Buying a cheap car, minor repairs and tuning, the price of a car increases significantly. In this case, the buyer must be an experienced driver, look under the hood, take a ride, carefully examine everything, or come for a car inspection with an experienced mechanic;
  • Owners - here people are more interested in selling, they can tell the whole story of the car, especially if the car is from the salon. But, do not forget that as soon as a person decides to sell a car, he begins to treat it not so frugally, the pits are not terrible, the engine junk - it doesn't matter.


What to look for when buying a vehicle

Men know this difficult choice, when buying a car, you need to be able to find a balance between what you want and material opportunities.


  • first, decide on your desires and goals: what do you need a car for, do you have a big family, where do you most often ride (perhaps you need an SUV), the "filling of the car" is important for someone to heated seats, and some do not even need an air conditioner;
  • pay attention to what are the most common brands of cars, this means trust and a large selection of spare parts in case of breakdown;
  • even if you have money for a luxury car, think about whether it will be possible to service the car in the future, because the more expensive the vehicle, the higher the prices for its maintenance, repairs and spare parts.

Ideal picture of a used vehicle:

  • the first owner, the car was once bought from an authorized dealer;
  • low mileage, maximum 70 km;
  • did not participate in the accident;
  • cleared, not on credit (it is important to check all documents and not be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions);
  • passed MOT before the sale;
  • clean, tidy car interior.